The Theory of Growth Mindset

Every month, I offer an article based on the concepts of Growth Mindset, which is the topic of our school-wide Middle States project.   However, this month, I am compelled to share an article on the effects of cell phone and social media use in teenagers that is too important for parents to ignore.  In her article, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” Jean M. Twenge asserts that while there are some benefits to being “connected,” the overall collateral damage is not worth the connectedness. Twenge claims a deterioration in teen’s mental health is traceable to cell phone usage.  I concur.  Depression and anxiety is on the rise and psychologists believe that much of it is connected to cell phone and social media usage and more specifically, to screen usage by girls.  Teenagers are reporting “feeling lonely” even though they are connected to more people than ever before.  They are also losing sleep because of the glow from their screens.

It has been my experience in recent years that, in general, I am seeing a correlation between poor grades, poor study habits, and excessive cell phone usage.  The most successful students use their phones the least.  In fact, I know many successful students who don’t have any social media accounts. The article is timely and important, and I urge you to take the time to read it.  If I had one suggestion for families, it would be to have a centrally located charging station, where all family members are required to charge their phones for the evening by 10:00 p.m.   It won’t cure every issue that cell phones cause, but will help you put a limit on addictive and unhealthy phone usage. 



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